Things are moving

Hello all! 

This website has seen semi-regular updates for some time- enough, indeed, just to keep you in the know. I think it's time to make this website worth the web hosting costs. 

My latest update merely added some entries to my credits section and linked snapchat (see the ghost icon on the footer. I use snapchat on occasion.) 

I have decided to try making my social media presence more consistent, posting far more than my usual if I can. I do, however, struggle to see anything in my life as 'post-worthy', but I shall have to try feigning vanity, perhaps. Do, please, interact with me on socia media- feel free to encourage me. 

I will certainly strive to keep this website and my social network accounts updated with news of my current creative activities as much as possible. I have a new job and one of them fancy iPhone gizmos so I have no excuse not to do the social media thing.

See you soon, lovelies!