Heartbreak and the stage

This will be a different entry into this, my professional blog. A personal tale that became entwined into my professional life as an actor.

Recently, the woman that I had every intention of marrying severed our ties by text. This was a confusing and upsetting  move that seemed to come from nowhere. We had just spent an evening together, I had spent a small fortune on a long promised, indulgent takeaway pizza order that she so persistently asked me for. We went to bed that night, I kissed her goodbye the following morning, hopped on the bus to work, and received the heartbreak by text. Three years undone in a few cold words on a screen. 

I am comfortable in the knowledge that I was always the most generous and loving of partners, however, I must admit that my decaying mental health proved problematic in the end, which is the reason she gave me for leaving. 

We, both being thespians, had both been cast in a play prior to the break-up, and so a professional approach proved hard to maintain when I found I was fighting back tears the entire performance. 

Upon the closure of that play, I found that she had began telling the people closest to her that I had been abusive and manipulative. I regret to have to admit that I had in fact been the victim of the things she had accused me of. To her credit, she apologised in private for the times she’d hit me or manipulated me, but refused to tell others the truth- deciding that she’d rather damage my reputation with a lie than her own with the truth. 

I hope, to all those that have seen me in performance, that my work was not affected by these events. Rest assured, I have made things as right as can be by passing on the truth and supporting evidence to mutual friends in order to stop the damage before it goes any further. It goes without saying that those who know the whole truth are utterly disgusted and disappointed in the person in question.  

I feel, despite the heartbreak, that I am in a better place now. I am able to enjoy my work and smile again. I would like to think I am now a better version of myself. 

Thank you for sticking by me.