An open letter to Jmake Games. (An exciting idea)

I'd like to preface this blog post by saying that my favourite video game artist is Jordan Sayer (Jmake Games). I had the idea of my ideal pixel art style in my head long before I stumbled upon Jordan's work but I could never seem to achieve that style myself. Eventually, I found Jmake, which prompted a very excitable "That's it! That's the style I've been trying to get right!" from me and I have been following his work ever since. I have now stumbled upon a new problem- every time I design a new sprite for a game, it's like I'm channelling Jmake the whole time and I find, more often than not, I have inadvertently ripped off one of his sprites almost exactly. I am now ready to get to the point.

This is intended to be something of a proposal for Jmake games:

I have an idea. I have been working on a concept for a while and I like the mechanics I have working in the background- there is potential for the idea. I haven't had so much luck for the theme. Then, whilst looking through your latest work (as I often do), inspiration struck me. The mechanics I have been developing for the best part of two years are the basis for a community experience based around single player gameplay. All players will be participating and influencing the game on a global scale.

The theme for the game came to me very much through your work and I'm sure you'll recognise the specific elements that influenced me. The game is set in the post-apocalypse. Mutant, intelligent animals compete in daily races and the players place currency on the animal they expect to win. Each animal carries a bag in which they carry food items that have been gifted to them by players. Each item gifted will weigh the animal down but some can give the animal a substantial advantage. Weather conditions and setting can also be an advantage or hindrance to certain animals.

I would love to design and develop this game alongside you. What do you think?

Separated- A zombie story without the zombies

Hi there!

I had an idea for a game (FINALLY!!) after bashing my head against the wall for months hoping for something inspired to come tumbling out. The idea came to me, as it often does when I was trying to get some sleep. I scribbled the idea down and proceeded to have my usual 4-8 hours rolling around snatching the odd handful of minutes' sleep.
Today I made a start. I got home from work and cracked open Photoshop to throw down some imagery. I've been working for a little while to turn my 3am scribbles into a mock screenshot and it hasn't been going too badly at all.

The idea was to string things together that didn't make a whole lot of sense. I wanted to make a zombie game without a single zombie in it and build a relationship between the player and a character that is never there. I like a challenge, and this definitely is a challenge. It also sounds like it could make for an interesting game.

I am so far proud of the artwork I've produced in this early stage but I think I may have to look into befriending someone with more pixel talent than I. This is probably some of my best work which, to anyone with skill in the field, isn't impressive. Animating is also likely to be a struggle for me. Worst case scenario- I produce all the art myself which, by the look of things so far, isn't that much of a disaster.